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Покрасочное оборудование


VEZOS specializes in hydraulic airless systems. Commonly a hydraulic airless sprayer will target large paint contractors that work with thick materials and under high working pressure. That means that large contractors get a heavy duty airless, durable to the harsh construction environment. VEZOS believes that all painting contractors should get the same treatment, therefore no matter the painting job sizes that you take on as a professional painter; you can always find a durable airless sprayer in our range. From small electric airless sprayers to heavy duty pumps, VEZOS has every contractor covered.

Light Coating Applications

Discover VEZOS unique and one of a kind hydraulic light coating airless sprayer. Ideal for small and medium size painting contractors, for internal and external painting applications. Due to VEZOS innovative hydraulic technology, it is now possible to get the maximum performance out of a small sprayer.

Heavy Coating Applications

Size matters! No more long and bulky carts. VEZOS mid-range & heavy duty airless paint sprayers are a game changer. Designed for easy transportation and maneuvering around the job site. All sprayers are equipped with a T.C.S. technology and a slow stroke pump, ensuring high productivity and constant pumping.

Exclusive Innovations

VEZOS stands out as a manufacturer in the market for its high quality performance units. But there is a secret to be told, besides quality we offer innovative cost effective solutions to our end-users. Check out our R-LinePack, industry’s first line striping kit that can be adapted to your airless paint sprayer and transform it…..

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