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Шлифовальные машинки


VEZOS began manufacturing drywall sanders, in 2004, offering the sanding industry, new & unique methods of sanding. Over the years the VEZOS drywall sanding division has evolved, making sure that each product is unique and provides to the market new innovative solutions, resulting to an easier method of sanding.

Best Innovative Product Size

In 2007 VEZOS and the Handysand Auto 150 drywall sander, won the French international prize of “Best Innovative Product Of The Year”. Over the years, VEZOS has continued to develop the Handysand drywall sander range, offering always innovative solutions and technology to its users.

Auto Regulated Suction

VEZOS Auto Regulated Suction (A.R.S. Technology), is active on all the Handysand editions, this system, allows the sander to “hang to the ceiling”. An automatic valve regulates the necessary suction force need per surface. With this innovative technology the Handysand drywall sanders, grip to the surface and the entire sanding procedure becomes tireless, fast and cost effective.

Multi Set Up Sander

A multi set up wall & ceiling sander, transforming the length and working height from a compact version to a 7+ meter working height tool. Avoid scaffolding cost by simply attaching main extensions!

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