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Hydraulic Line Striper ProStripe 400 — SP

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VEZOS ProStripe 400 Self-Propelled line striper, offers the highest flow rate in the industry, an outstanding 12 lit/min powered by VEZOS hydraulic slow stroke pump. Attach VEZOS double ride method FlipDrive seat and enjoy a panoramic view of the job site. ProStripe 400 SP line striper has a vibrating assisted bead hopper kit, a motorcycle type motion control system & a unique on the go gun pattern selection allowing its users to change the striping method without needing to stop and adjust guns and levers. VEZOS has thought it all out; an extra-large wheel for perfect balance while working on bumpy roads and an easy access top sided alignment system makes such a difference on the job.

Hydraulic Self-Propelled Line Striper ProStripe 400

Industry’s only 10 liter / min flow hydraulic line striper, the ProStripe 400 is equipped with a self-propelled system available also with automatic gun system & VEZOS twin slow stroke hydraulic pumps for double color line marking . Attach the FlipDrive for an easy ride and enjoy a panoramic view of the job site. 2-3 gun models, with VEZOS unique features for a revolutionary striping experience.


icon Foldable chassis

icon Flipdrive transformable ride system

icon Drive platform for line stripers

icon Vibrated assisted bead hopper 21 lt

icon Easy wheel alignment

icon Increased visibility design

icon Easy gunh selector — E.G.S

icon TCS — Tunnel Cooling System

icon Disk lock hand brake

icon Easy angle front wheel selector

icon 6 ply industrial tires for long life durability

icon XXL for extra stability

icon Spring assisted gun holder

icon Slow stroke hard chromed hydraulic pump

icon Anti-vibration system


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